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The concept of Extreme GT that I would like to launch, is really an indepth and fine tuned vision that one may have a better grasp of understanding once we get started. The idea started upon my begining to work with carbon fiber for replacing the deck lid of a BMW E46 M3. While inquiring about the process of the craft to industry supply leaders in order to understand and make an appropriate product selection, I was met with much skepticism. I was told that I would need extra product to make multiple attempts in order to do what I thought sounded very simple and that I should begin with smaller simpler parts before attempting an object of that size, and of a shape complex enough for the two piece mold I would have to make. The people from the chemical company supplying the matrix, the people from the carbon fiber textile manufacturer and the people from the process materials supply company all echoed the same warning that the expertise required for that mold alone is typically a career in itself but coincidentally all graciously offered complementary product for my endeavor and thought what I was doing sounded like something they wanted to hear more of. After hearing of my success at first attempt they each pledged to take interest in what I had wanted to do next which was to make carbon fiber trailer vans transformable kneeling to the ground product kiosks, sides hinged at the top opening upwards to shelter against the elements and for each to transport the most extreme use of carbon fiber constructed gt race cars modeled after popular production sport cars. Brought to sporting events in ten vans one for each team, together with each teams sponsor products and arranged in two close rows of five, side by side touching raised wingtips exhibiting exciting innovations blended in an automotive brand you might be interested in possibly shopping along side our collection of strictly non evil-empire products we use ourselves. A mobile trade show of pure lifestyle brands, if you will.

The way this bug all came about, a client of mine wanted me to select a carbon fiber deck lid from a catalog along with other modifications for me to fit his BMW E46 M3 for sporting use. After leafing through it, I threw in the garbage to show my disgust at the offerings. That action was met with some rage by a few motor heads present, not my client though who couldn't be ticked so easily, but did create a challenge, several actually, for me to build everything for his car my way provided that each modification would be better than anything available from a catalog, judged by being undisputable to anyone's opinion, professional or otherwise. Confident with the sucess of that being in the bag, after handcrafting a shorty stainless exhaust I soon began using carbon fiber. Then the vision came of how easily with a proper work environment I could produce a car to satisfy industry's thirst for exiting from metallic structures inclusive of amazingly crashworthy structrual design and unique construction methodologies, packaged with numerous other innovations.

Car companies, like BMW which also happens to be a global carbon fiber supplier, partnered with Boeing as an outlet to consume their product that they would like to be using more of themselves. Clearly BMW truly wants the ingenuity to create a carbonfiber passenger car which will crash well, along with a construction process to satisfy production volume. Hence my decision to turn a chance meeting with carbon fiber into a mission to exemplify such innovations alongside exciting motorsporting activities where we also present a selection of pure lifestyle brands that we support and use ourselves and also presented by automakers who can prove to us that they too want to be a better partner in your lifestyle.

We would define success with these beginning activities when our paddock walk segment, where you meet our drivers mostly all Girl ! I hope, along with our other ambassadors, introduce to you our innovations and the products we use, together with our tournament of competitions are produced and broadcast in an interactive or better said customizable made for internet portal of entertaining media content with clickable in-video links adding to the video, segments on our sponsors and our own activities, optional text info bubbles on product origin and related industry content opening in new tabs and with an app for you to track our new activities and download your favorite episodes n use ur phone as a mouse to custom surf our features when expanded to your home entertainment center via our complementary connectivity device. Where we'll go next is selling our innovations to industry and partnering with other motorsport entertainment properties to add commercial value to our portal.

Could use more work space ~ help incubate Extreme GT ~ get in touch lets talk

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Incubate Extreme GT while collecting income from a real estate investment. I'll be in FL before the 26th to execute diligence on this upcoming no reserve auction and to bid as your minority partner: Tranzon PDF

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Contributing to the reduction of automobiles as a tool in someone's actions to commit tragedy thru reckless driving.

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You don't have to be a bad egg who holds to putting people in unnecessary danger.

Racers don't drive reckless. . . The unspoken creed among racers who know and respect automotive performance. Earn respect for doing the same.

Automotive advertisements may mislead you to believe by their performance achievements, power and top speed ratings that production cars perform well to race standards and control.

Take your car to the track to get your extreme driving fix. Learn the limits and consequences of automotive performance in the proper environment (the racetrack).

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Can you identify the manufacturer of this engine?

Repair design by myself and some machine work - Made some valvetrain parts, just a few repairs picture documented here. Hogged some of them out of a bar of Flexor. (Waterjet work by Altona Metal Wks. Little Ferry, NJ) Machine work also by LAW Automotive Performance and Harley Tool and Machine. Wire EDM work by Sofield Mfg. Ridgefield Park, NJ more pics and here too
Could there be a more fitting tribute to the automobile than to present an Extreme GT E-Type?
One of these eight cats will serve mould plug duty.
The E-Type will pounce again!
Her kill will be current automotive construction methodologies and materials, more pictures to come.
Consulted traction control to industry through the design of modifying the ABS system.
Modified pre-chamber line pulse diesel systems to operate at higher injection pressures with quieter combustion. Consulted to industry the design of an electronically controlled high pressure diesel direct injection on common rail system.
Consulted urea and water exhaust injection to industry, the leading component in automotive clean diesel technology allowing Mercedes to later coin BlueTEC.
Consulted the design of the Mercedes Benz W140 600SEL making it a car packed with unique features.
Consulted design elements to the Mercedes Benz R129 500SL and more. Both timeless automotive creations.
Configured exhaust port scrubbers with turbos following.
Early vision of universally acceptable synergy for EV's utilizing lightweight ultra caps and wheel frame motors on multifuel two component intergrated mains (engine - generator / alternator / starter).
Articulating cable standoff system for a speedway catch fence / highway barrier.
Various dates and submissions.

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77 American LaFrance transport rig

Kenworth cabover engine custom race hauler.

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Military WWII NOS Guiberson 1020 Radial Diesel engine.
Imagine such great equipment repurposed as tow rigs - Just think cool shapes, colors and lusters. Plus in her original faded red to pink patina, a fine ole gal, our pink piggy roaster so our crowd may join us in fine food champagne and fresh juice. All of our equipment and trailer vans arrange to transform into an instant mobile trade show sheltered from the elements. Where connected through the sport you come to see, we present to you the great products we have personally selected to use in our own life. The stuff which helps us.
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